pneu WTB Vulpine RACE 2.1

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pneu WTB Vulpine RACE 2.1

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In the wild, wolverines are known to attack anything, often preying on much larger animals. On the trail, the Wolverine confidently tackles dicey descents, flies across flats and devours steep climbs. This fast-rolling tire’s moderately-spaced tread pattern combines plentiful working edges that cling to hard pack and outside knobs that let you shred corners. Like its namesake, the Wolverine’s slight profile belies its fierce bite.

Descrição do Produto

Descrição do Produto

Aramid bead:
A lightweight Aramid bead that provides greater bead-seat characteristics and a lighter weight than a wire bead tyre.
Usage - XC Racing / Dirt Jump
Conditions - Dry / Hardpack
Size - 26 x 2.1 Inch
GMS - 50/52
Level - Race
Weight - 420g
Aramid bead, DNA rubber, 60tpi casing

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